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Marcel Biomazor®

Before setting up your vegetable garden, it's essential to prepare and nourish the soil in which your seedlings will grow. That's where our Biomazor® organic soil improver comes in. Specially designed for amateur gardeners, Biomazor® is an organic amendment of animal and plant origin. Enriching soil with organic matter, it promotes fertile, living soil. Thanks to its natural composition, Biomazor® gradually releases its nutrients, providing balanced nutrition for your plants. Trust Biomazor® to deeply nourish your soil and grow a flourishing vegetable garden, while respecting the environment.

2.10% total NITROGEN (N) of which 2.10% is non-ureic organic Mazor® (vegetable oils from medicinal plants, grape and olive pulp, COMPOSTED coffee grounds), animal proteins and sterilised bones.

1.50% PHOSPHORIC ANHYDRIDE (P2O5) total of the above organic products.

2,00 % POTASSIUM OXIDE (K2O) total of the above organic products.

1.00 % MAGNESIUM OXIDE (MgO) total of the above organic products.

4.00 % total CaO.

C/N: 14 - DM: 80% - pH: 6 soil improver - increases organic matter content


Dry matter: 80%

pH: 6

ISMO: Stable OM yield: 327 kg per tonne of product based on gross weight.

This product also contains trace elements of organic origin that cover the low requirements of plants. No pathogens, no Organic Trace Compounds (OTCs), no risk of phytotoxicity and no weed seeds.

Vegetable crops: 500 g to 800 g per m2 (in preparation for cultivation)

Tree planting: depending on the size of the tree, spread 3 to 5 kg around each foot (mix well with the soil and do not put in contact with the roots)

Grass sowing: spread 500 g to 1 kg per m2

In 20kg bags.

This organic amendment can be used on all soils and crops. It helps to improve soil structure and increase soil carbon levels. It increases microbial richness and water retention capacity and provides mineral elements.

Apply HUMIFLOR® BIOMAZOR® at the following rates :

  • VEGETABLE FARMING : 500 g to 800 g per m²(in preparation for cultivation).
  • TREE PLANTATION : Depending on the size of the tree, spread 3 kg to 5 kg around each foot.
  • LAWN SEEDING : Spread 500 g to 1 kg per m². After spreading HUMIFLOR® BIOMAZOR® Organic Soil Conditioner, mix well within the soil, then water.
  • Agronomic characteristics : This product is made from rigorously selected plant and animal raw materials. We compost this soil improver to guarantee a high humus content. This product will stimulate microbial life and improve the physical qualities of your soil. This product also contains trace elements of organic origin to cover the low requirements of plants.

Periods of use :

All year round, preferably in Autumn or Spring before planting crops.

Product use :

  • Follow the above instructions for use.
  • Mix well with soil to avoid direct contact with roots (risk of burns). Store preferably under cover. This is a living product, and prolonged storage may result in the development of micro-organisms or crumbling, which in no way alters its agronomic qualities.
  • In accordance with European Regulation (EC) No. 1069/2009, livestock must not be allowed to graze or use crops as fodder for at least 21 days after application.
  • Not for human consumption.
  • Do not ingest and avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes.
  • After use, wash with plenty of water and dry off.
  • Our products do not present any health or environmental hazard.

For further information, please contact your dealer or our Agronomy Department.