Our production process

Ets Marcel LAUTIER is committed to providing high-quality agricultural products through a rigorous and innovative process. From the selection of raw materials to environmentally-friendly production methods, to quality control and the constant quest for improved performance. Every stage of the Germiflor process is carefully designed to guarantee optimum results.

With a 7.5 hectares manufacturing site, a team of expert agronomists and a state-of-the-art production unit, Germiflor ensures that every product meets the highest standards in terms of purity, efficiency and sustainability.



Meticulous selection of raw materials for our organic and organo-mineral fertilizers: we make a rigorous selection from among 40 top-quality raw materials from sustainable sources, 90% of which are certified organic. This enables us to guarantee excellent organic fertilizers and organo-mineral fertilizers that respect the environment and deliver optimum performance.



Quality control & traceability of raw materials: each batch of raw materials undergoes strict controls to ensure quality and traceability, guaranteeing excellence in production and customer satisfaction with complete transparency.


MAZOR® Fabrication

Our precious Mazor® plant compost, the result of a meticulous 7-month process, is the cornerstone of our fertilizers. Composed of carefully selected raw materials from the circular economy, it embodies the excellence of our environmental commitment. By nourishing the soil with a nutrient richness and microbial biodiversity of over a billion per gram, it promotes exceptional harvests and protects your plants. At Germiflor®, we believe in the importance of responsible, humane and sustainable agriculture, and Mazor® reflects our dedication to a thriving agricultural world.


Technical team

Personalized audits by our technical team: Our qualified technical team carries out personalized audits to understand the specific needs of each customer. Thanks to this attentive approach, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions, adapted to the unique requirements of each crop and each soil. Our high-quality organic and organo-mineral fertilizers offer exceptional performance while respecting the environment. At GERMIFLOR®, we put the human aspect at the heart of our approach, offering expert advice and personalized support for superior results.



Tailor-made fertilization for every soil and crop: our organic, organo-mineral fertilizers are specially formulated to provide precise and balanced nutrition for plants, promoting exceptional harvests with high yields and superior taste quality. Thanks to our expertise, we assess the specific needs of your soil and crops to recommend the ideal formula. For complete transparency, we list all the ingredients used in our formulas, so you know exactly what you're applying to your soil. At GERMIFLOR®, we focus on product excellence, guaranteeing exceptional results while offering you complete confidence in our farming practices.


Fertilizer Production

Fertilizer manufacturing in powder or pellet form: our organic and organo-mineral fertilizers are manufactured with advanced expertise, offering precise formulas in powder or pellet form. This variety allows farmers or hobby gardeners to apply their fertilizers easily and precisely for optimal nutrient absorption, contributing to beautiful harvests while minimizing environmental impact.



Product bagging: each of our organic and organo-mineral fertilizers are carefully bagged in recyclable packaging, in keeping our commitment to the circular economy and the environment, while preserving the freshness and quality of our fertilizers. To facilitate the work of farmers and limit packaging, we also offer delivery in bulk, in elevated skips, as well as the free loan of a spreader. This enables practical and efficient use of our fertilizers, reducing waste and promoting excellent production while respecting the environment.



Every batch of our organic amendments, organic fertilizers and organo-mineral fertilizers undergoes thorough internal analysis and is certified according to the strictest quality standards. For complete transparency, we store samples of each batch for 18 months, allowing full traceability. Additionally, we provide production analysis on request, thus offering complete visibility on the composition and performance of our fertilizers. At GERMIFLOR®, we are committed to providing products of excellence, focusing on quality, the human aspect, and the environment.



Reliable delivery of our organic and organo-mineral fertilizers: we are committed to ensuring fast, reliable delivery of our organic and organo-mineral fertilizers. Our aim is to ensure that farmers receive the products they need, when they need them, to support their success and ensure good harvests.


Technical support

Our dedicated technical and sales team provides personalized follow-ups for our customers. We provide expert advice, crop-specific recommendations and ongoing support to ensure superior results. At GERMIFLOR®, we are committed to offering high quality organic and organo-mineral fertilizers, keeping in mind human aspect and preserving the environment, with our tailor-made solutions.