Our business revolves around 7 specific areas, positioning us as a complete and reliable partner to meet your various agricultural needs and promote sustainable development in agriculture.

At the heart of our manufacturing process is "MAZOR®", our exclusive base used for all our fertilisers. Every year, our plant manufactures more than 40,000 tonnes of Organic Fertilisers, Organic-Mineral Fertilisers and Organic Amendments, 90% of which are labelled Organic Agriculture, testifying to our commitment to the environment and the quality of our agronomic solutions.

Why did we opt for all-plant compost?

After the mad cow crises in 1992 and 2002, we made a clear choice: manure, as previously used, can contain pathogens such as fecal enterococci or Escherichia Coli. By opting for vegetable matter, we have eliminated any risk of pathogens and undesirable seeds, while enriching the humus value. This way, we can protect your crops and consumers' health.
Our MAZOR® is the essence of seven months' composting, care and dedication. It is made from a synergy of five carefully selected plant raw materials and natural micro-organisms. It embodies the essence of our exceptional fertilizers, symbolizing our commitment to excellence and the circular economy.

The benefits of MAZOR®

Raw materials selected

1 Billion micro-organisms per gram guaranteed

Increases soil fertility

Increase biomass DNA

Inceases the soils carbon storage

Feeds and structures the soil

Enhances the soils ability to retain water

Optimizes symbiosis between roots and micro-organisms

Source of exclusive humus


Increased pruning wood mass & yield per hectare


Greater aromatic intensity, persistence on the palate & overall harmony


Increased leaf area & mass


Increased tuber mass & yield


Increased tuber mass, yield & better quality


Limiting the growth of pathogenic fungi

Discover our key products

NF U42-001-2

Organic Fertilizer 80% Plant 20% Animal


Optimized MAZOR® effect and richness in animal matter to stimulate CEC. Strong humifying, bacterial and fungal properties, stimulating all 3 forms of carbon.

NF U44-051-10

Organic amendment 91% Plant 9% Animal


Optimization of the MAZOR® effect and addition of animal matter to stimulate CEC. Strong humifying, bacterial and fungal properties.

NF U44-051-9

100% plant-based organic soil improver


Use for progressive humification & mineralization, if CEC is correct.

NF U42-001-3

Organic-Mineral Fertiliser


Optimization of the MAZOR® effect and richness in animal matter to massively stimulate CEC and supply nutrients.
Strong humifying, bacterial and fungal properties, stimulation of the 3 forms of carbon.

Organic range

Our Organic range is needed to: improve and maintain your soil, stimulate microbial life, increase soil water retention, nourish the plant and the soil and return to the soil what the plant has drawn for its crops.

Our Organic range is represented by the HUMIFLOR® / MIKROFLOR® / AB'FLOR® families, and is certified by the following bodies: Qualité France, N.O.P.

A wide range entirely made up of our noble plant base MAZOR®, supplemented with plant and/or animal products and mineral substances that comply with European Organic Farming Regulation (EU) n°2018/848.

Conventional range

A wide range composed entirely of our MAZOR® plant base, supplemented with conventional NPK minerals, which provide plants with the elements they need to thrive:

  • Potassium chloride range
  • Potassium Sulfate range
  • Range of mineral materials coated with organic materials
  • Range of mixed organic and mineral materials.

Our Conventional range is represented by the KORIFLOR® / FRUCTIFLOR® / DELTAFLOR® families, and holds the following certifications: SK Quality potassium sulfate.

Vegan range

A 100% plant-based range composed of our noble plant base, MAZOR®, supplemented with minerals that comply with European Organic Farming Regulation (EU) n°2018/848.

GERMIFLOR® is the world's first manufacturer of fertilizers to have been awarded the Vegan label, and our range has also been awarded the following certifications: Qualité France and N.O.P.

Green spaces range

With ORGAFLOR, Fertilisez Sport! ®. ORGAFLOR®, a selection of our fertilizers for all communities.

A wide range composed entirely of our noble plant base MAZOR®, supplemented according to soil needs by plant and/or animal matter and by mineral matter that complies with the European regulation on organic farming (EU) n°2018/848 or conventional farming.

Nous bénéficions des certifications suivantes : Qualité France, N.O.P, Vegan sur certaines formules.

Marcel le Jardinier® range

Our Marcel le Jardinier® range: professional products designed for amateur gardeners. Inspired by a passion for the soil, our range bears the slogan "Cultivating crops and love that never stops". All our products can be used in Organic Agriculture in accordance with (EU) regulation n°2018/848.

French quality, NOP, while two of them also carry the Vegan® label, combining quality, respect for the environment and ethics.

All about the Marcel le Jardinier® range