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Marcel Potager

Look after your vegetable garden with our "Potager" product: an organo-mineral fertiliser exceptionally designed to meet the specific needs of your garden. Enriched with natural ingredients and essential mineral elements, our formula optimises growth, strengthens roots and promotes abundant harvests. Thanks to our "Vegetable Garden" fertiliser, you can be sure that your fruit and vegetables will be of superior quality, with exquisite flavour and improved lifespan.

Cultivate your garden successfully and enjoy the benefits of our organo-mineral fertiliser for exceptional results.


AB'FLOR® 4-8-10 S + 3 MgO SOLUBLE

4.00 % TOTAL ORGANIC NITROGEN (N) from Mazor® (vegetable oil from medicinal plants, grape and olive pulp, COMPOSTED coffee grounds), sterilised animal proteins, sterilised bone powders.

8.00 % PHOSPHORIC ANHYDRIDE (P2O5) total of the above organic products and ground fine rock phosphate.

10.00 % POTASSIUM OXIDE (K2O) total, soluble in water from potassium sulphate (low in chlorine).

3.00 % MAGNESIUM OXIDE (MgO) water soluble in kieserite.

14.00 % SULFURIC ANHYDRIDE (SO3) soluble in water.

11.00 % total CaO.


This product is made from sterilized animal proteins supplemented with sterilized bone powders and our composted vegetable base MAZOR® for use in organic farming.

This product therefore contains trace elements of organic origin that cover the low requirements of plants.

No pathogens, no Organic Trace Compounds (OTCs), no risk of phytotoxicity and no weed seeds.

Vegetable crops : 150 g per m2.

Flower crops : 125 to 175 g per m2.

Fruit / Citrus trees : depending on the size of the tree, spread 200 g to 2 kg around the tree at the base of the foliage.

These doses are given as a guide and may vary according to soil, crop and regional practices. Consult your technician or our agronomy department.

In 20kg bags.

This fertiliser can be used on all soils and crops. To improve the structure of your soil, we recommend using our BIOMAZOR® or ORVEGA® organic soil improver in autumn until the end of winter.

Then apply POTAGER FERTILIZER at the following rates :

  • VEGETABLE FARMING : Spread 150 g per m².
  • FLORAL CROPS : Spread 125 g to 175 g per m².
  • FRUIT AND CITRUS TREES : Depending on the size of the tree, spread 200 g to 2 kg around the tree.

Period of use :

In Spring before crops are planted.

Product use :

  • Follow the above instructions for use.
  • Mix well with the soil, to avoid direct contact with the roots (risk of burns).
  • Store preferably under cover.
  • This is a living product, and prolonged storage may result in the development of micro-organisms or crumbling, which in no way alters its agronomic qualities.
  • In accordance with European Regulation (EC) No. 1069/2009, livestock must not be allowed to graze or use crops as fodder for at least 21 days after application.
  • Not for human consumption.
  • Do not ingest and avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes.
  • After use, wash with plenty of water and dry off.
  • Our products do not present any health or environmental hazard.

For further information, please contact your dealer or our Agronomy Department.