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Excellence at the service of your success

Quality, research and technoligical monitoring are the day-to-day priorities of our company. We work alongside farmers and distributors, based on soil analyses, to design tailor-made fertilizers.

Our expertise enables us to offer personalized advice to farmers, guiding them in the choice of products adapted to their crops and optimizing their yields.


Problem analysis




Recommendation of a suitable formula


Mazor® + choice of 40 premium active ingredients

Tailor-made formulas for every soil and crop

Our expertise

Our business is built around seven key sectors that are specific to all your agricultural needs.


All the major vineyards use organic and organo-mineral fertilizers, because the quality of the harvest affects the quality of the wine.

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Market gardening

Organic and organo-mineral fertilizers improve the taste and health of vegetables.

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Organic and Organo-Mineral Fertilizers contribute to the proper development of trees and improve their taste.

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Organic and Organo-Mineral Fertilizers optimize the vegetative development of plants and enable cut flowers to last longer on display.

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High-quality organic and organo-mineral fertilizers play an essential role in optimizing grain yields. In harmony with the environment and part of a circular economy approach, our products nourish your soil, stimulate crop growth and preserve biodiversity.

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Garden centers

Grow exceptional plants and harvest high-quality fruit and vegetables with our 5 organic and organo-mineral fertilizers, all suitable for organic farming...

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Green spaces

Create exceptional green spaces with our high-quality organo-mineral fertilizers. Nourish your parks and gardens with environmentally-friendly solutions, part of a circular economy approach...

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Our production site

Our history, 140 years and 5 generations

In the late 19th century the Lautier family moved to Mazamet, located in the Tarn.

In 1885, when Gabriel and Philomène LAUTIER, our great-great-grandparents, created Maison Gabriel LAUTIER in Pouzols, Hérault, their motto was "Serving Agriculture". They were forerunners of the circular economy, making "BOURRU" fertilizers from wool and leather waste from the Mazamet wool scouring. François and Augustine LAUTIER continued to structure this wonderful adventure.

When our grandparents, Marcel and Isabelle LAUTIER, settled permanently in Mazamet, they decided, following discussions with researchers, to incorporate grape pulp into the bourru, as the animal stimulates and the plant nourishes the soil... They then developed a range of products to create amendments, organo-minerals, to make "Les Engrais des Belles Récoltes".

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Our product ranges

Take advantage of our ranges of Organic and Organo-Mineral Fertilizers to obtain optimum results

Our MAZOR® symbolizes the very essence of our know-how, our values, and your future.

It is the result of seven months of composting, care, and dedication. It has become the cornerstone of all our products, symbolizing our commitment to excellence and sustainability.

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Organic range


Conventional range


Vegan range


Green spaces range


Marcel le Jardinier range


Our news

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We share with you information about our products, manufacturing methods and the latest brand news.

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02 juillet 2024

MAZOR®, a patented innovation for agriculture

Since it was founded in 1885, our company GERMIFLOR, driven by the passion of the Barthès-Lautier family, has established itself as a pioneer in the field of organic...

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31 mai 2024

Amendments: the key to living soil

Soil is the most crucial production tool for a farmer. It ensures multiple essential functions for the optimal growth of crops. For the farmer, the challenge lies in...

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30 avril 2024

What exactly is soil ?

It's a simple fact: in 100 years, we've degraded the soil far more than in 1,000 years. So we've forgotten what's essential: preserving "Living Soils" to maintain the...

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Our distribution network

For 130 years, we have been supplying quality products and services to farmers around the world.

We are expanding our activities throughout Europe as a trusted distributor. Our distribution network extends to many European countries, offering easy access to quality products for Farmers.

Whether you're a farmer, a food industry professional or an agricultural enthusiast, we offer solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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Your testimonials

At Germiflor, we are proud to be able to count on the support and commitment of our customers.



For many years, we have found GERMIFLOR to be a true partner, attentive to our market expectations, both in terms of product quality and agronomic and logistical responses.

SCIC Group

West Indies

We have been working with our partner GERMIFLOR for over 10 years. Thanks to GERMIFLOR, we can offer our farmer customers in the French West Indies high-quality fertilizers, adapted to the needs of tropical crops and to our soil and climate conditions. The SCIC-GERMIFLOR partnership is part of a soil conservation strategy for high-performance, sustainable agriculture.

Fontvieille Coopérative

Bouches du rhône

Loyal to GERMIFLOR® for over 35 years, your values, your dynamism and the quality of your products meet the criteria of the Coopérative de Fontvieille and deliver in the best possible conditions.

Ax vineyard


GERMIFLOR is a family-run business with which we have a privileged relationship and which listens to its distributors. We recognize the company's genuine know-how and quality products, which have enabled us to develop our fertilization business.

Isidore Group

Gironde- Charente-Charente Maritime

The ISIDORE Group identifies its suppliers on the basis of established criteria: control of supplies in terms of both quality and quantity, and manufacturing quality. We also consider the ability to innovate as an element of sustainability in our relationships. Finally, the added value created by the product for our customers is a fundamental factor in its inclusion in our portfolio. Over the long term, we aim to build a partnership that translates into exclusive marketing delegation. In this way, GERMIFLOR and the ISIDORE Group have built up a solid, long-term relationship over several decades, in the interests of winegrowers.

Rognonas Cooperative

Bouches du Rhône

The ROGNONAS cooperative has had a partnership with LAUTIER-GERMIFLOR for almost 40 years, and in that time we've never had any complaints about the reliability of the products, the staff or the management. The company has always been able to meet our expectations and needs, even if sometimes it wasn't easy for them to do so. For all this, we thank you

Truchon Diffusion

Marne - Aube

We could simply mention product quality, MAZOR® like a diamond in the rough, noble inputs, product ethics, transparency... and the list goes on. In addition to quality products, GERMIFLOR establishments are also men and women who share the same values as we do: "at the service of the land and the people who work it". These words, dear to Alain TRUCHON, echo and resonate with the decade-long collaboration between TRUCHON DIFFUSION and GERMIFLOR establishments. Available and attentive, they all contribute to meeting the needs of our customers in the Champagne region. The answer to the question raised by the GERMIFLOR establishments is synergy, working together towards a common goal.

Cavale Cooperative


Our partnership with GERMIFLOR is a long-standing and intense one: their products are well known to our winegrower members, most of whom have made them the mainstay of their vineyard nutrition, with recognized effects not only on agronomic results, but also on the organoleptic characteristics of the resulting wines.



For over 8 years, L'AGRONOME INTERAGRO, a partner to farmers on Reunion Island, has opted for GERMIFLOR's remarkable range of organic and organo-mineral fertilizers! These products are ideal for our tropical crops such as pineapple and banana. GERMIFLOR's experience, desire for development and transparency in this field are a guarantee of excellence, and this confirms our satisfaction in marketing its quality products, ensuring a promising future for Réunion's agriculture!

Oxyane Group

Rhône Alpes

At OXYANE, we value our business relationship with GERMIFLOR. This relationship is based on trust built up over many years. GERMIFLOR's support for our teams brings real added value. The technical quality of the GERMIFLOR range corresponds to the market of our cooperative, which has a wide range of specialized crops.

Eyragues Cooperative

Bouches du Rhône

GERMIFLOR has always had quality products and a helpful administrative and sales department that listens to its customers.



NOVAGRAIN has worked in collaboration with GERMIFLOR fertilizers for many years, and I can only congratulate this company on the quality of the products it manufactures in compliance with specifications, while offering impeccable quality. This human-sized company has always been able to respond quickly to all our requests. I can only congratulate the entire Ets LAUTIER team and wish them every success in the future.

Ets Ritard


After a decade of collaboration with LAUTIER-GERMIFLOR, Ets Ritard are satisfied with the consistent quality of their fertilizers and innovative bacteria-based formulas.

NH Viticulture


The homogeneity of GERMIFLOR fertilizers and soil improvers means you can work efficiently from one year to the next. GERMIFLOR soil improvers are the answer to today's drought problems. MAZOR® responds very well on poor soils, and the vines speak for themselves.

AGRIA Company


More than 20 years of collaboration and always a proximity and an irreproachable service, a permanent questioning which enables the company GERMIFLOR to always propose products of great quality.