A five-generation legacy of enduring passion.

In 1885, when Gabriel and Philomène LAUTIER, our great-great-grandparents, created Maison Gabriel LAUTIER in Pouzols, Hérault, their motto was "Serving Agriculture". They were forerunners of the circular economy, making "BOURRU" fertilizers from wool and leather waste from the Mazamet wool scouring. François and Augustine LAUTIER continued to structure this wonderful adventure.

When our grandparents, Marcel and Isabelle LAUTIER, settled permanently in Mazamet, they decided, following discussions with researchers, to incorporate grape pulp into the bourru, as the animal stimulates and the plant nourishes the soil... They then developed a range of products to create amendments, organo-minerals, to make "Les Engrais des Belles Récoltes".

Our parents, Domi and Jacques LAUTIER-BARTHÈS, who I'm sure you're familiar with, have made a huge leap forward with many changes: from hand-sewn bags, we've moved on to an automated bagging system, from powder to granulation, from pallets to big-bags, then to hoppers and spreader rentals, with a strong focus on research and development.

Our father, with his deep roots in viticulture, sought to create fertilizers specifically formulated to address the unique challenges of crop cultivation. His main focus was to put soil analysis back at the heart of discussions, to create "The right product, in the right place, at the right dose".

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Gabriel & Philomène LAUTIER

François & Augustine LAUTIER

Marcel & Isabelle LAUTIER

Jacques et Dominique BARTHES LAUTIER

Birth of MAZOR® : Following the end of wool scouring and the mad cow crisis, our family stopped all animal composting. They created MAZOR®, a 7-month composted organic plant amendment, which became the basis for all their products. In keeping with their circular economy approach, they sought out noble raw materials close to Mazamet, to guarantee the creation of MAZOR®. That's how "Soil dietetics" came to be their watchword in creating the right products.

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Brother and Sister : Olivier & Marie Barthès