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MAZOR®, a patented innovation for agriculture

02 juillet 2024

MAZOR®, a patented innovation for agriculture

Since it was founded in 1885, our company GERMIFLOR, driven by the passion of the Barthès-Lautier family, has established itself as a pioneer in the field of organic fertilization.

Every day, we are driven by a strong ambition: to revolutionize agricultural practices to guarantee the well-being of crops and consumers alike. MAZOR®, our precious plant compost, embodies this commitment. It is the very essence of our know-how and values, and will be the future of your agriculture.

A look back at a family adventure

In 1885, when Gabriel and Philomène LAUTIER, our great-great-grandparents, founded Maison Gabriel LAUTIER in Pouzols, Hérault, their motto was already "At the Service of Agriculture."

As pioneers of the circular economy, they produced fertilizers known as "bourru" in Mazamet, made from wool and leather waste from the Mazamet wool industry.

When our grandparents, Marcel and Isabelle LAUTIER, settled permanently in Mazamet, they decided to improve the "bourru" recipe. This improvement was driven by our first chemical engineer, Henri SOLOMIAC, who used to say, "Plants nourish the soil, animals stimulate soil life." The birth of this complementarity between animals and plants marked a significant step in the evolution and efficiency of our fertilizers.

Following the end of the wool industry and the mad cow disease crisis, the decision was made to stop all animal-based composts. Our family then created a 100% plant-based organic amendment: MAZOR®. Composted for 7 months, this MAZOR® would become the foundation of all Germiflor products and the flagship of our company.

In the 1980s, the improvement of this plant-based foundation continued, always enhancing noble raw materials from the circular economy.

MAZOR® was thus born with the sole objective of providing a safe and efficient solution for farmers. It symbolizes the commitment and values that have made Germiflor successful: innovation, sustainability, and trust.

MAZOR®: a renewal for agriculture

Today, MAZOR® goes further by providing a comprehensive solution for modern agriculture: it becomes the first organic amendment with biological control action. This is a real turning point for our company, marking a new chapter in our history, always in the service of soils and farmers.

Indeed, we are proud to announce the acquisition of a patent (FR2103847) protecting our MAZOR® and its manufacturing process: CRONOPS®. This patent symbolizes our advancement in the field of agronomy, offering a cutting-edge and safe solution for soil enrichment and the health of crops.

At a time when soil preservation is becoming a global challenge and agriculture must reinvent itself, MAZOR® positions itself as a reference solution.

When performance and sustainability become one

Thanks to its patented CRONOPS® manufacturing process, our MAZOR® offers a combination of features and benefits unmatched by any competitor :

  • BIOLOGICAL CONTROL Action : fusarium, downy mildew, pythium
  • INCREASES DNA biomass
  • Enhances SOIL WATER RETENTION capacity
  • IMPROVES sanitary conditions
  • OPTIMIZES SYMBIOSIS between plant roots & microorganisms
  • Exclusive SOURCE OF HUMUS

More than just an amendment, it represents a new vision of agriculture, one that finally reconciles sustainability and productivity, all in the service of living soils. MAZOR® is a catalyst for change, enabling us to transform agricultural practices and evolve together towards a productive and regenerative agriculture.

Today, our innovation, the result of years of research and field trials, offers you a comprehensive and safe solution.

Join the MAZOR® revolution now and give your farm a new future.