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The secrets behind our exceptional fertilizers

25 mars 2024

The secrets behind our exceptional fertilizers

The manufacture of Germiflor fertilizers requires a meticulous process, impeccable monitoring and, above all, in-depth knowledge of the soil. At Germiflor, we take pride in producing exceptional fertilizers that meet the specific needs of crops while preserving the health of ecosystems.

Let's take a look at the key stages in our manufacturing process.

Proposing the Most Suitable Formula

The manufacturing of a fertilizer begins with contacting the client and selecting the most suitable formula for the soil and crops produced. Our R&D team then works diligently to propose the perfect blend to meet the client's specific requirements.

Selection & Control of Raw Materials

MAZOR, our vegetal compost, forms the basis of our fertilizers. Combined with other rigorously selected raw materials, this base allows us to design formulas tailored to each specific issue.

We work closely with trusted suppliers to source high-quality ingredients. These raw materials are subject to strict quality standards to ensure the effectiveness and safety of our products.

Production Phase

Once the formulations are finalized, our production teams take over. Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to ensure homogeneity and optimal quality of mixes, as well as perfect consistency in each batch of products.

Quality Control

Quality is an absolute priority at Germiflor. Each batch is analyzed in our in-house laboratory, Henri. We have implemented a complete traceability procedure based on samples from each batch kept for 18 months. We complement this with analyses from independent laboratories.

Packaging and Distribution

Whether it's powders or pellets, our fertilizers are carefully bagged. We pay particular attention to the design of our packaging to minimize their environmental impact and ensure recyclability. To offer a practical and efficient solution to our farmers, we also offer bulk delivery, in bins on feet.

Follow-up and Technical Support

The partnership with our teams doesn't stop here ! We provide each customer with personalized follow-up to ensure optimum results with our fertilizers. Our success is based on a relationship of trust with our farming partners, with whom we maintain strong ties to constantly improve our fertilizers.

The manufacturing of our exceptional fertilizers is the result of a complex and meticulous process, guided by our commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. We are proud to provide farmers with high-performance fertilization solutions that contribute to the health of crops and the preservation of our precious ecosystems.

If you wish to learn more about our production processes, we invite you to visit Our Process page.