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When the art of viticultures meets the richness of mazor®

28 février 2024

When the art of viticultures meets the richness of mazor®

Viticulture is an art that demands patience, expertise, and passion. Alongside winegrowers for many years, Germiflor decided to embark on an extensive research program in 2011. The trials we conducted have enabled us to highlight the exceptional benefits of our fertilizers on vineyards and wine production. 

Here's a brief summary !

Reflecting on MAZOR®, the foundation of our fertilizers

Following the two successive crises of mad cow disease, our family decided to innovate by offering the first 100% plant-based compost. Thus, we developed MAZOR®, the foundation of all our fertilizers, derived from a synergy of 5 raw materials and a controlled composting process of 7 months, allowing it to reach its optimal characteristics. With 1 billion microorganisms per gram, this base alone exhibits remarkable qualities: increased fertility, improved soil structure and water retention, as well as activation of microbial life.

The benefits of organo-mineral fertilization on vineyards and wine

At Germiflor, we have always worked alongside passionate winegrowers, growing together with them. Today, we present a synthesis of the trials conducted in the field, in collaboration with a team of scientists, producers, and oenologists.

Optimal soil fertility while respecting the environment

Thanks to its special formulation, Germiflor® organo-mineral fertilizer brings about a greater soil revitalization, notably by boosting the activity of microorganisms. Indeed, the plant-based foundations of MAZOR® develop bacteria and fungi that enhance the biological fertility of the soil.

Increase in pruning wood mass and reinforcement of the immune system

The use of an organo-mineral complex brings about a significant increase in the mass of vine pruning wood. This increase facilitates storage, but it also offers vines better resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses. By strengthening the plants' immune system and improving their ability to cope with unfavorable environmental conditions, this helps reduce the risks of diseases and crop losses.

Better health, higher yields, and improved organoleptic quality !

By providing the right ratios of macro and micronutrients, our organo-mineral fertilizers help maintain the health and vitality of vines throughout their growth cycle. The positive impact on yield per hectare is remarkable: + 7% to 12%. Our trials have also highlighted the organoleptic effectiveness of such fertilization. With better aromatic intensity, persistence, and overall harmony, organo-mineral fertilization undoubtedly enhances wine quality and consumer satisfaction !

MAZOR®, a valuable ally for winegrowers

Symbolizing our commitment to excellence and the circular economy, MAZOR® is the cornerstone of Germiflor fertilizers. From the vineyard to the glass, Germiflor fertilizers have proven their agronomic and organoleptic effectiveness on vineyards and wine. Designed from our 100% plant-based compost MAZOR®, our fertilizers provide a sustainable and high-performing solution to modern viticulture.