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Fertilizers and Plant Protection Products: understanding the difference

25 janvier 2024

Fertilizers and Plant Protection Products: understanding the difference

Seven out of ten French citizens have a garden, but how do they keep it healthy ? To optimize the growth of your plants and protect them from diseases and pests, it's essential to understand the various products available for their care.

Two commonly used but sometimes confused terms are fertilizers and plant protection products. So, what is the difference between these two essential tools for your garden? Let us explain!

Fertilizers: plant nutrients

Fertilizers, like amendments, belong to the family of fertilizing products. These are substances added to the soil to enhance the quality of crops, whether in private gardens or agricultural lands.

Fertilizers compensate for nutrient deficiencies, providing plants with essential elements for their growth. Plants absorb these nutrients through their roots, allowing them to develop optimally.

Fertilizers are often classified into two categories: "organic" fertilizers derived from plant or animal materials (manure, compost, etc.) and "mineral" fertilizers derived from the chemical industry or natural deposits (phosphate, potash, etc.).

While fertilizers address specific plant needs, careful attention to their usage is necessary. Excessive or insufficient fertilizer can have negative consequences on plant growth and soil quality. Therefore, it's crucial to follow usage recommendations and adhere to recommended doses. If in doubt or if you have questions, don't hesitate to seek advice from a gardening expert!

While fertilizers nourish the plant, amendments nourish the soil. These are used to improve soil structure, increase fertility, and enhance water retention.

Plant Protection Products: medicines for plants

Plant protection products are designed to safeguard crops against pests, diseases, and weeds. Their goal is to ensure the overall health of crops, akin to medication for humans.

Unlike fertilizers, plant protection products do not provide nutrients to plants; instead, they act as treatment and protection agents.

These products can be categorized into various types, such as insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, depending on the type of pests they target. "Biocontrol" products, based on natural mechanisms, are also available. A prime example is the ladybug, a natural predator of aphids, a true ally in plant protection!

Thoughtful use of plant protection products is crucial to prevent damage to non-target plants and minimize environmental and health impacts. Considering alternative solutions, such as the use of predatory insects or natural substances, is recommended before resorting to chemical products.

Fertilizers vs. Plant Protection Products: key takeaways

Fertilizers and plant protection products are two essential and complementary tools in modern agriculture and gardening. The main difference lies in their function: fertilizers primarily focus on supplying essential nutrients to plants, while plant protection products ensure plant protection.

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