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GERMIFLOR, a Family Renewal

11 décembre 2023

GERMIFLOR, a Family Renewal

GERMIFLOR is a family success story that began in 1885. Today, we continue the work initiated by our family for5 generations. Always with the same passion for living soils, we carry on in the footsteps of our ancestors, alongside farmers.

In the Service of Agriculture, always

In 1885, when Gabriel and Philomène LAUTIER, our great-great-grandparents, founded Maison Gabriel LAUTIER in Pouzols, Hérault, our motto was already to be "In the Service of Agriculture." Since then, generations have succeeded one another, each contributing their vision and progress to our family business.

Today, Olivier and I, Marie, are proud to take up the torch, doing so with a great deal of humility and pride for all the work done by our ancestors over the past 140 years.

Family transmission

Taking over a historic family business that has successfully crossed generations is a beautiful challenge that Olivier and I face every day.

We had to find our bearings to be complementary, learn to communicate, and also find a balance between professional and personal life because, for both Olivier and me, family is our most precious asset. Olivier is in charge of production, research and communication. As for me, I handle national and international trade, as well as raw material purchases.

Working together is our strength. Honesty, commitment, an assumed and mastered ambition - these are what bring us together and propel us forward for tomorrow.

Of course, our parents are always there to pass on the torch and advise us if necessary, in order to ensure an indispensable sustainability. Once again, we place family at the heart of our company's success.

Our ambition for tomorrow

The key to our success lies in our ability to listen and adapt. Working in the agricultural sector means operating in a living environment that is constantly evolving. So we have to be constantly evolving to provide our farmer partners with the best possible response.

Our ambition? Give a new impetus to Germiflor, in line with our values, but also and above all, provide a strong response to the observation we make today: in 100 years, we have degraded soils more than in 1000 years.

Our commitment is first expressed through agronomic innovation that has taken more than 15 years of research, which we will unveil this season. This project, resolutely oriented towards the future and visionary, will allow us to achieve even higher quality and thus solidify our position as a leader in organic and organo-mineral fertilizers.

This evolution is also marked by a visual renewal. You are thus discovering our new visual identity, more modern and impactful, where we explicitly highlight our commitment to offering you Exceptional Fertilizers.

We continue to follow what we have always been taught: stay close to the agricultural world and grow alongside you to best meet your needs.